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Gateron Red Switches

Gateron Red Switch The Gateron Reds are the most popular Gateron switches. This switch is a Linear switch, making the typing experience super quiet. The pressure is moderate, with these switches a long period of typing won't feel tired.

Actuation force: 45g

Travel distance: 2mm

Structure: Linear

Pressing feeling: Soft, light.

Sound: Quiet 


Gateron Blue Switches

The Blue switches have a more clicky sound and feel to them. A super smooth feeling when pressing the blues makes them perfect for gaming, but please be aware that the bleu switches produce the loudest clicking sound of all the Gateron switches.

Actuation force: 60g

Travel distance: 2mm

Structure: Clicky

Pressing feeling: Clicky, medium feedback when pressing.

Sound: Clicky


Gateron Brown Switches

The browns are a combination between the Reds and Bleu's. Offering a vertical smooth press with a nice medium feedback when pressing while still remaining quiet. 

Actuation force: 55g

Travel distance: 2mm

Structure: Tactile

Pressing feeling: Vertical, medium feedback when pressing.

Sound: Quiet


Gateron Black Switches

The black switches offer the strongest linear feedback of all the Gateron switches. Preventing you of accidentally pressing any keys. If you like a mechanical keyboard with a stronger press you should opt for the black switches.

Actuation force: 60g

Travel distance: 2mm

Structure: Linear

Pressing feeling: Vertical, strong feedback when pressing.

Sound: Medium