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A high quality minimalistic 65% keyboard.

The MK1 65% is an mechanical wireless keyboard which features high quality keycaps, low latency 2.4 wireless connection, hot swappable function and a 6 degree tilted angle.


The best typing experience.

The MK1 features a double gasket design which means we added silicone pads between the top and bottom case. This greatly reduces the noise of the impacted metals and improves overal typing sound. Enhanced with Stabilizers to increase stability, applied to the big keys (Space, Shift, Enter, Delete) these keys now feel smoother than ever.


The best PBT-Keycaps

With its high quality dye-sublimated PBT keycaps you will experience a typing experience only obtainable on PBT-keycaps. Not to mention that the dye-sublimating technology completely overcomes the shortcoming of ABS keycaps which are known for their quick weardown and unwanted shine that develops over time.


Each MK1 Keyboard is hot-swappable, allowing you to easily swap out or upgrade your switches. Making your MK1 truly unique in its typing experience.

Metal Back Plate

No corners were cut on the MK1, With a high quality alluminium case your MK1 will truly have that premium heavy feel on your desk.

Premium Protective Pouch

If you like working or gaming on the go, the Premium Protective Pouch will be your best friend! Made out of Premium Wool Blend your MK1 will be protected and look good on the go!

Compatible with Mac & Win.

Compatible with both operating systems. No need to switch, the MK1 automatically detects your operating system and switches to the according layout.

Multitasking? No problem!

Using 2.4 Wireless and 5.0 Bluetooth connection the MK1 can satisfy all your connection and multitasking needs! You can also use the USB-C cable to connect the MK1 to your device.

Flowing backlight.

The Backlight of the MK1 offers 18 different color effects and 8 different colors inlcuding full RGB. All easily changable with key-combinations.